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 I would love to see the videos Keghan is helping to create! He is having such a blast in the class, he is really enjoying it and can't wait to tell me all about it each week.

Thank you,

Audrey -Magnolia Elementary School

When I was registering Phoenix for his classes this semester I had trouble finding a class he would like for one of the hours. He told me he did not want to be in public speaking. I signed him up anyways and told him I signed him up for "debate" 😆 Anyways, he told me the other day that he LOVES the public speaking class! And today during our homeschool time we were studying Martin Luther King Jr. and we talked about how he wrote speeches to peacefully protest segregation. Phoenix told me "that is called a persuasive speech. I learned that in public speaking with Ms. Lakeisha" I am just so happy that he found a class he loves and what he is learning is really sticking with him! 

Andrea-Rock Creek Education Center



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